Over the past two decades, online and mobile technology has both caused, and gone through, some landmark changes. With increasingly better internet like 5G and fibre, ever-more efficient and functional devices on the market, and more people going online than ever, a host of other new technologies are now also emerging. One trend that has been showing particularly huge potential has been cloud gaming.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Also known as ‘cloud-computing’, cloud gaming is a general term for playing games via a cloud service.Basically, it allows you to play a game remotely by streaming it to your device.

 This brings a number of benefits to online gamers, such as:

  • Easy access to top-quality games with no need to download and install them.
  • Not having to install games, and storing information on the cloud, allows players to save space on their devices.
  • Any kind of game, even the most high-quality, can be played across virtually all platforms and devices.
  • Games are continuously updated in the cloud without bothering the players.
  • User accounts and info can be stored and monitored on highly secure cloud-based servers.

Cloud gaming also has a number of benefits for the business side. This includes greatly reduced costs by providing an infrastructure and platform that can be rented on a pay-as-you-go basis. Game developers also have far greater control over piracy.

Currently, the biggest disadvantage to cloud gaming is that is requires a constant and steady internet with decent bandwidth. It is also potentially vulnerable to any issues that may arise with the cloud server. However, as internet services and online functionality steadily improve, such issues will likely becomeless over time.

What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gamingcan be generally divided into the following categories according to the devices and technology used:

  • Command Streaming
    Command streaming allows certain processes to be shared between the device and the cloud. While the cloud service handles the majority ofthe load, the device will, for instance, handle the rendering. This can potentially allow the smoothest response time by reducing network lag. The downside to this method, however, is that the devicewill need to have a certain level of GPU capability.

  • File Streaming
    This method involves downloading a number of temporary files to your device, and then streaming the game from those files as you play. The files arethen automatically deleted once you’re done.

  • Video Streaming
    The most common method, video streaming is essentially like streaming and playing an interactive video. Everything is handled by the cloud service, and all your device has to do is provide the control.

The Future Of Casinos In Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has the potential to bring live casino online games, online casinos and gambling to more people around the world than ever before. Will it be the next step for online casinos and gambling though? It may very be, though on the other hand, it also has a lot of competition. Time will soon tell.

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