Casino video poker is a game of both skill and strategy. Like other casino card games, players receive five cards from which to select which to keep and discard before receiving new ones in exchange. Winning hands will then be paid out according to the machine’s pay table.

An essential factor for successful casino video poker is having a comprehensive understanding of its rules and components, so make sure that you become as educated as possible before placing real money bets!


Video poker combines elements of poker and slot machines into a unique gaming experience, offering several card combinations that constitute wins with the proper strategy providing some of the highest casino odds around.

First step of video poker is choosing how many coins to wager, then having your computer deal five cards that you will then choose which ones to keep and discard as part of a process known as drawing.

Video poker varies between games, but most typically feature two rounds – initial deal and draw. Before beginning to play video poker it is essential that you familiarize yourself with its pay tables and rules so as to avoid making common errors such as keeping low kickers or trying to chase straight or flush hands.


Casino video poker’s payouts can differ considerably between variations. This is because different variations feature unique pay tables; unlike slot machines which impose an arbitrary house edge, video poker pays tables are carefully tailored to provide equal chances for each player.

Depending on the machine type, payouts vary between 1 to 5 coins per round. Generally speaking, wagering multiple coins increases your potential return; however, this doesn’t always have to mean playing maximum number of coins; higher returns may only apply in special instances such as when an excellent hand occurs, like a Royal Flush is hit.

For optimal success in casino gambling, always select games with high payouts for all hands. Doing this will maximize hourly earnings while building strategy. Furthermore, avoid games paying less than 9/6 as these machines provide higher house edges that could quickly drain away your bankroll.


Casino video poker games come in numerous varieties. Based on poker and offering fixed odds, they differ from traditional forms in that players do not compete against one another but instead play heads-up against the machine, providing much lower house edges – in certain instances even positive expectations! – if they follow correct strategy.

Video poker has quickly become one of the most beloved casino games, thanks to its ability to help players manage their bankrolls and, in some cases, reach breakeven points. Furthermore, this form of entertainment can be enjoyed from either desktop computers or mobile devices and offers various variations such as Joker Wild which adds a joker into play to enable stronger hands to form – leading to bigger wins and jackpots; though sometimes wild cards can reduce payouts.


casino video poker may be a game of chance, but it can become even more lucrative with smart strategy. Different games require their own set of strategies – choose one that best fits with your personality and preferences for optimal performance. Furthermore, it would be wiser to learn only one type of game at once to avoid becoming overwhelmed and wasting your time!

While many casino gamblers rely on gut instinct when selecting which cards to keep, this approach can drastically decrease their odds of victory. When playing video poker properly, its success should be calculated on probabilities per hand and their value according to a pay table.

Once you find a video poker variant that suits your preferences, it is wise to practice on fake money prior to betting real cash. This will enable you to become familiar with its specific strategy while using an appropriate strategy sheet; doing so can reduce hourly losses while increasing chances of scoring big wins.

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