Let It Ride is an entertaining casino game where players combine their three cards with two community cards to form a poker hand. It’s based on the popular five card stud poker format, but with an exciting twist.

On the first round, the dealer deals each player three face down cards. Players may inspect their cards but cannot reveal them to anyone else.

Game rules

The Let It Ride game is a straightforward poker variant with standard rules found in most casinos. In this classic card game, you are dealt three personal cards and two community cards; then you must combine these to form an advantageous five-card combination.

The game begins with players placing three equal bets in the designated betting zones on the table layout – ($), (1) and (2).

After the first three cards have been dealt, each Player must decide if they want to request their initial bet back or “Let it ride.”

Once the Dealer reveals one of the face-down Community Cards, each Player may then ask for their second wager. The Dealer will then reveal another Community Card and the process continues.

At this point, the Dealer unveils the final community card. Once all players have made their decisions, he or she pays out winning bets according to a payout table.


Let It Ride poker offers a range of payouts, from 200:1 for a straight flush to 1,001:1 for a royal flush.

Before playing Let It Ride, you must place bets in each of the three betting circles that are equal in size to or greater than the ante.

Once you place your wagers, the dealer will reveal 3 hole cards and two community cards. These cards form part of creating your poker hand.

Your poker hand’s strength determines your payout. A winning poker combination typically features at least two 10s or higher cards.

Let It Ride is an exhilarating game with the potential to win big, but it comes with risks. To maximize your winnings, it is essential to follow basic betting strategy and study the payout table before placing any bet.


Let It Ride is a popular casino game based on poker hand rankings that offers an entirely unique gameplay from other types of poker. Its strategy relies on knowing when to remove bets and when to “Let It Ride” and receive more cards.

At the start of a game, players place three equal bets on the table. They then receive three cards from the dealer face down.

If the player does not like their initial hand, they have the option to withdraw or reduce two wagers out of three. Once exposed, the dealer then exposes the first community card to all players.

If the dealer reveals a community card that improves your hand, you should “Let It Ride” and see what happens. Otherwise, withdraw your initial bet and return it to your bankroll.


Let It Ride is one of the newest casino games to hit the market. It’s a straightforward poker-based game where players are paid according to their five card hand alone.

In Let It Ride, players place three bets of equal size and the dealer deals each player three cards. Two of these are “community” cards which all players may use to form a five-card poker hand.

After seeing the initial three cards, players have the option to withdraw one of their three bets or “let it ride.” Finally, the dealer will reveal the first community card.

Once revealed, the second community card will be revealed and your potential five-card hand compared to the paytable. If your pair of 10s or better matches the winning combination, then congratulations!

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